Vinglacé Brings Elegance to El Paso Opera’s Casino Night!

We’re thrilled and so thankful to announce that one of our corporate partners, Vinglacé, has made an in kind donation to El Paso Opera. El Paso Opera hosted Casino Night – it was an evening full of great gaming fun with Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. But it was more than just gambling; there was performances too from the El Paso Opera artists. The event was a great night of entertainment and fun!

Designed with an eye for taste and elegance, Vinglacé products allow you to take a bottle of wine or champagne, your favorite cocktail, or a hot cup of coffee, anywhere you go. Crafted with stainless steel on the outside and glass on the inside, you no longer get that metallic taste or smell when using their drinkware. You can now enjoy both insulation and quality taste!

El Paso Opera’s mission is to use the transformative power of art to engage with their community as a lasting and valued cultural service. In response to COVID-19 closures, they launched #CurbsideOpera – a program that allows them to take their mobile opera stage and perform in neighborhoods around the city to bring some brightness to people’s day during this time of isolation and uncertainty.

We are incredibly thankful for the support of our corporate partner Vinglacé, whose donation has supported El Paso Opera to continue engaging with their community in meaningful ways.

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