Community Partners Donation Report 2023

The Nonprofit Exchange is proud to announce that it has successfully secured over $500,000 in contributions to support El Paso area nonprofits with their operations and fundraising initiatives. Donations have ranged from In-kind donations to support fundraising efforts to fiscal sponsorship of events.


In-kind donations are just as important as monetary contributions when it comes to encouraging charitable giving and generating increased awareness of the nonprofit’s community efforts. The Nonprofit Exchange has worked diligently to develop a network of more than 400 companies outside El Paso who have generously donated products in order to support the nonprofit sector. 


This accomplishment shows the commitment of the growing community of corporations and organizations who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those living and working in El Paso. We thank our partners for their generosity and look forward to continuing this relationship into 2021 and beyond.

In-Kind Donations
Nonprofit Initiatives Served

In-kind product donations are a powerful tool for nonprofits to use to incentivize donations and generate awareness of their mission. By offering unique prizes for silent auctions, raffles, volunteer incentives, and other donor incentives, nonprofits can attract generous donors who would otherwise not engage in donating. By offering in-kind prizes as part of a fundraising event or as a donor incentive, nonprofits can increase participation and generate more revenue for their cause.


In addition to being useful for fundraising, in-kind prize donations can also be used to incentivize volunteerism. By offering an attractive prize for volunteering a certain number of hours or completing a specific task, nonprofits can encourage more individuals to get involved and contribute their time and skills. This can be especially important for organizations that rely heavily on volunteers to achieve their mission. Overall, in-kind prize donations are a valuable tool for nonprofits to use in order to engage donors and volunteers and further their efforts in the community.

The Nonprofit Exchange has worked diligently to build a network of over 100 companies from outside El Paso in order to bring in these beneficial donations that are so important for fundraising campaigns. As these relationships continue to grow and strengthen into 2023, the nonprofit sector will benefit immensely from this growing pool of resources.

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