Palmer’s Joins Hands with Black Impact Houston: Pledging Support to the Black Community

In a heartening move towards community support and equity, Palmer’s, an established leader in beauty and skincare, has recently donated a significant amount of product worth $10,000, including shipping costs, to Black Impact Houston (BIH).

Established more than 175 years ago, Palmer’s is one of America’s pioneering skincare companies. Today, it is part of the E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc., esteemed for its trusted Palmer’s® brand. Palmer’s holds a cherished spot in homes worldwide and is known for crafting high-quality products from natural ingredients that genuinely deliver results. Their products are accessible, affordable, and loved by real people worldwide. The company’s philosophy of ‘Choose What’s Real®’ ensures every product stays true to this commitment.

This time, Palmer’s lives up to its philosophy in a different way – by making a ‘real’ impact on the community.

In the wake of repeated acts of violence against Black individuals and the growing calls for racial equity, organizations and corporations have initiated meaningful changes. However, Black non-profit leaders often found themselves sidelined or minimally represented in these efforts. Black Impact Houston emerged to counter this gap.

Black Impact Houston is a consortium of Black-led nonprofits dedicated to serving the Black community. It seeks to elevate the visibility and influence of Black-led non-profits in philanthropic conversations, aiming to create a level playing field in terms of work, interaction, and funding. BIH’s mission focuses on bolstering the Black-led nonprofit community through education, advocacy, mentorship, leadership, and a sense of belonging.

BIH’s Founder, Brandi Brown, emphasizes, “This conversation is about us. Therefore, we should lead it and more importantly have representation from a network of Black leaders who share lived experiences with the communities they serve. This allows us to all grow, share and serve together.”

Palmer’s contribution to Black Impact Houston is a testament to their dedication to real community impact. This alliance with BIH reaffirms Palmer’s commitment not just to skin health but to overall community health, with an emphasis on the underserved Black community.

Black Impact Houston invites all executive leaders of Black-led organizations to join the movement towards building a more equitable and impactful community. To learn more about BIH or to become a member, please visit

With Palmer’s support, Black Impact Houston can continue to empower thousands of Greater Houston’s most vulnerable residents. And with each step, it brings us closer to a more vibrant, equitable community.

And that is the beauty of real impact.

The Nonprofit Exchange has worked diligently to build a network of over 100 companies from outside El Paso in order to bring in these beneficial donations that are so important for fundraising campaigns. As these relationships continue to grow and strengthen into 2023, the nonprofit sector will benefit immensely from this growing pool of resources.

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