TechSoup: Innovative Apps for Food Pantries

TechSoup: Innovative Apps for Food Pantries

As worrisome statistics about food insecurity abound, technology can act as a much-needed aid to help meet the challenges. Companies in the app development space have stepped up to the plate and are crafting solutions to help us address this global challenge.

One such event, Public Good App House, showcases four powerful apps that provide practical assistance in volunteering schedule management, distribution organization, route planning and inventory optimization. Through exploring these initiatives, those wanting to contribute to the solution can come away with a better understanding of how they can use technology towards alleviating food insecurity.

Jersey Cares app by MilkCrate
MilkCrate and Jersey Cares joined forces to launch an app in only three weeks, giving volunteers the ability to efficiently deliver groceries to seniors during the COVID pandemic. This app has already provided tremendous savings to Jersey Cares, offering $40,000 of staff time annually.

P2 from Primarius
P2 is a web-based platform designed to help foodbanks manage their operations more efficiently. As an integrated and flexible solution, P2 extends the capabilities of warehouses with features tailored for foodbanks.

HelpAction by Nonprofit Exchange
HelpAction is on a mission to bridge the gap between those in critical need and volunteers willing to provide assistance. Established with a goal to increase emergency food accessibility for the homebound, HelpAction provides a safe, secure platform for volunteers to connect with people in need.

OptimoRoute’s advanced routing technology is powerful enough to plan and optimize hundreds of orders at once, taking multiple variables into account for each. This allows the system to make informed decisions regarding which orders should be assigned to each driver, as well as when and what route they should take.

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