CASFV’s Puro Empower Virtual Fundraiser

CASFV’s Puro Empower was an extraordinary virtual event that celebrated and honored local women leaders. The virtual fundraiser was a dynamic experience with an exciting silent auction and inspiring speakers; guests heard stories of female empowerment while viewing a magnificent awards presentation. People were delightfully surprised by the unique offerings of the silent auction, especially the custom painting by renowned artist Mabel Weber which allowed attendees to honor a special somebody in their life with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It was a glorious success that gave voices to empowering stories and helped support those who have experienced violence.

The Center Against Sexual and Family Violence (CASFV) has been providing a beacon of hope to those survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault since 1977. By writing themselves into history with the opening of an emergency shelter in 1983, they strive to confront and prevent violence in all its forms. CASFV assists people affected by trauma find healing resources, guidance and empowerment to reclaim their lives.

Advocacy for justice through both intervention and education, CASFV is engaging the community to work together towards creating greater safety and support networks. As such it continues to be a source of solace for generations who have yet to write their stories out of pain and into resilience. Using their decades of experience they provide counseling, support groups, legal services, and advocacy services to all of El Paso regardless of background or circumstance.

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