Holiday Magic – Virtual Event

PDN Children’s did something special this holiday season – they held a virtual fundraising event with Zoom. This helped make the children benefitting from the fundraising feel holiday magic and was a great experience for everyone involved. The event was a great success, raising funds that will help the children PDN Children’s serve.

Virtual fundraising with Zoom is an incredibly powerful tool which can provide a number of benefits that traditional fundraising cannot. It allows organizations like PDN Children’s to connect with donors from around the world, making it easier to source funding for their cause — helping children with special needs achieve their fullest potential. It also enables them to share stories of hope and success in a much more engaging way than traditional methods, inspiring people to take action and support their cause.

It is clear that PDN Children’s has successfully embraced technology to further its cause, and it is likely that other organizations in the realm of charity fundraising will soon follow suit. Zoom provides a multitude of possibilities for those wanting to increase their reach and make a difference in more lives than ever before.

PDN Children’s was established in 1948 with the vision of aiding children with special needs to reach their highest potential, as well as generating an inclusive atmosphere within the El Paso, Texas area. Despite already making strides in this direction, PDN Children’s understands there is still a long way to go before true equity can be attained and they are continually striving to move closer to this goal.

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