Healthy Cooking Live Stream with Candlelighters!

Candlelighters of El Paso wanted to show everyone how to stay healthy during the holiday season, so they hosted a live stream titled ‘Healthy Holiday Meals!‘ at the new Candlelighters Pantry and instructional kitchen! In this special event nutritionist Maria showed viewers how to make nutritious and delicious holiday dishes.

For example, there was a variety of tamales; chicken in red Chile, green Chile with cheese, beans with soy chorizo, beans with cheese, spinach with mushrooms and cheese and broccoli with cheese. Along with making split green beans with chichi broth. Additionally, Maria demonstrated how to make split green beans with chichi broth.

We had an absolutely fantastic time crafting these tasty yet healthy dishes that were sure to please any extended family. Everyone had a blast preparing these delicious treats while cultivating a community spirit of giving and inclusion! Candlelighters of El Paso hopes that this healthy and tasty holiday menu will give their viewers the energy they need to fully celebrate their holidays!

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