Texas Freeze Returns With New Challenges

Texas Freeze Returns With New Challenges

With the Central Texas Food Bank officially closed, many people are in a bind to find food and other essentials. Fortunately, HelpAction is providing a safe solution for those in need. HelpAction is a volunteer-driven delivery system which will bring families essential items during this trying time.

HelpAction is a platform that connects people in need with volunteers who are available to provide contactless service delivery of critical resources. Launched to foster community aid, HelpAction works with local food banks and pantries to distribute resources to those in need. Based in the Southwest of the United States, Paso del Norte region, HelpAction currently operates throughout Texas and Illinois, with plans of expansion into additional regions. With the goal of reaching more people who seek assistance from their communities without putting themselves at risk, HelpAction aims to bridge the gap between those seeking aid and volunteers willing to make a positive impact –all through their innovative platform.

When last year’s February storm hit, HelpAction rose to the challenge and delivered vital food supplies to over 200 individuals. But what was equally impressive was their ability to work safely. Icey roads in most places meant driving conditions were perilous and yet HelpAction still managed to pull it off owing to their vast volunteer base.

And come this year’s February storm, they are expecting to give out as much help given their resources, as volunteers can determine whether or not road conditions in their locality directly affect them. This means that if one volunteer denies a call, another can easily take up the job; ensuring unprecedented help and outreach.

If you’re looking to request essential goods from HelpAction, be sure to go here and follow the instructions. While this winter weather can be devastating, having HelpAction as an option makes it slightly easier for families who require assistance.

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