Huge Hug of Appreciation for Baloo Living’s Support of El Paso Opera!

We are so grateful to Baloo Living for their generous in-kind donation to El Paso Opera‘s Casino Night event. Their support of the nonprofit community in the El Paso area is truly heartening and appreciated.

El Paso Opera‘s Casino Night provided more than just casino-style games – it featured performances too! Blackjack, poker, roulette and more were available for the attendees to enjoy. Additionally, the evening included performances from El Paso Opera.

Baloo Living is a weighted blanket designed to bring you into a relaxed state, allowing for deeper sleep and improved overall wellbeing. The pressure from the blanket molds to your body like a gentle hug and encourages serotonin production, which lifts your mood and helps induce natural melatonin production. Baloo Living was created with eco-friendly materials that are certified to be free of harmful chemicals and containing lead-free glass microbeads.

Baloo Living is more than just a weighted blanket, it was created to express respect and honor for self and our communities. They donate a portion of their profits to the Pajama Program, supporting vulnerable children in our communities with bedtime essentials. Baloo Living is on a mission to help you live your most meaningful life, allowing for deeper sleep and improved overall wellbeing.

El Paso Opera is dedicated to using their art form to connect with the local and larger community in a lasting and meaningful way. To reach out during COVID-19 closures, they launched an initiative called #CurbsideOpera. This program allows El Paso Opera to take their mobile opera stage and perform in neighborhoods across the city, bringing some joy and brightness to people’s lives during this difficult time.

We would like to thank Baloo Living for their donation to supporting El Paso Opera in their efforts to bring joy and beauty into the lives of those around us.



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