Celebrating the 49th Annual Christmas Street Gala: An Incredible Night of Joy and Festive Spirit

Celebrating the 49th Annual Christmas Street Gala: An Incredible Night of Joy and Festive Spirit

PDN Children’s hosted the 49th Annual Christmas Street Gala on December 6th, 2022 at the El Paso Country Club. It was a spectacular event filled with genuine festive spirit that brought happiness and joy to all who attended. The highlight of the night was an extraordinary live auction that featured an incredible selection of breathtaking Christmas trees and a remarkable silent auction with desirable items from all corners of the community. PDN Children’s desire to bring happiness to the people of El Paso was met and fulfilled in this unforgettable night.

PDN Children’s was founded in 1948 with a mission to help children with special needs achieve their fullest potential and to create an inclusive environment in the El Paso, Texas community. PDN Children’s understands that there is still a long way to go before equity can be achieved and PDN works hard each day to make progress towards that goal.

PDN Children’s offers therapeutic, educational, child care and support services to those who require them and collaborates with non-profit organizations, stakeholders, and private sector champions in order to continue making a difference within the community. PDN Children’s commitment to helping children allows them reach heights they never thought were possible.

The 49th Annual Christmas Street Gala wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the generous support of our sponsors. This year, we extend our heartfelt thanks to (re)x, Blush Boutique & Spa, Huski, Matr Boomie, Rogue Industries, and Unknot Thai and Wellness Spa for their incredible donations for our auction. From unique spa treatments to handmade artisan products and one-of-a-kind creations from local merchants – the items donated were nothing short of astounding! We are extremely grateful for these sponsors who made this event a success!

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