Experience Mindfulness and Meditation with Project Full

We are proud to recognize one of our corporate partners, Project Full, for their generous donation to the Women’s Fund of El Paso. Their commitment to supporting the nonprofit community in the El Paso region is inspiring and deeply appreciated.

Women’s Fund of El Paso recently hosted their WAKE UP: An Advocacy Power Breakfast, which was attended by Texas Women’s Foundation Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Dena Jackson, community leaders and area experts from the El Paso area. This special event aimed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and resources to become successful advocates for women in the El Paso area. Project Full proudly supported this cause and made a donation to Women’s Fund of El Paso. This contribution helps support the organization in its mission to promote gender equity and create economic opportunities for women in the El Paso area.

Project Full is an excellent example of a company with strong values, who stands behind their commitment to creating positive change within the mindfulness community. With their donations and ethically made products, Project Full is helping to create a more equitable and inclusive mindfulness space. Project Full is leading the way in making a difference, and we are proud to stand behind them.

Project Full is an innovative company that offers a unique range of products designed to promote mindfulness and meditation. Their goal is to provide quality, ethical products made by hand in the United States using organic raw materials sourced from all across North America. Project Full also strives to support marginalized groups in gaining access to mindfulness and meditation practices. With their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Project Full stands out as a leader in the industry.

Established in 2004, the Women’s Fund of El Paso is a volunteer-run organization created to help women access resources available in the community, as well as provide educational advancement and leadership development opportunities. The non-profit’s mission is to promote equal access to financial aid, information, and networking in order to enable women to pursue higher education, develop their leadership abilities, and achieve economic growth. Through their work, the Women’s Fund of El Paso demonstrates its commitment to empowering women in El Paso and beyond.

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