Virtual Camp for Candlelighters

Candlelighters of El Paso made quite the splash with their first ever 2-Day Virtual Camp. Families were treated to an array of fun activities, such as a scavenger hunt, Arts and Crafts, a TikTok competition, an aquarium tour guided by experts, an entertaining puppet show from Australia, step by step instructions to tie the 8 basic knots of scouting and cookie decorating. Plus, there was Chalk the Block segment, Jackbox games, and some rounds of Loteria.

Candlelighters of El Paso is devoted to improving the lives of children who have cancer. They provide hope, support, advocacy and education for the children and their families, as well as spreading awareness in the community. They strive to ensure that no family goes through this difficult journey alone and do their utmost to bring stability to families while they go through treatment. They are determined to make sure no child will ever have to battle cancer by themselves.

Candlelighters of the W. TX/So. NM area is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which offers free support to families with children aged 0 to 25 who are affected by cancer. Founded in 1978 by a group of parents joined together through their shared experience of cancer, Candlelighters became a nonprofit in 1983. This was followed by the opening of their first office in 1985 due to the increasing demand for such services. Now, they are proud to serve approximately 300 children undergoing cancer treatment and provide extended help to more than 1,500 registered families throughout El Paso and its surrounding areas.

Reading all the amazing activities that were available for families, it is no surprise that this was such an unforgettable event! People laughed and enjoyed each other’s company for hours on end, smiling from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they chose to join in on the festivities. Candlelighters of El Paso did an excellent job organizing this incredible event and providing a safe yet interactive way for people to connect. It was a day to remember!

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