“This is El Paso” Benefit Concert Series

Our beautiful community has been shaken by recent events. But they have not broken our spirit. El Paso and our loving sister cities of Las Cruces and Juarez have come together to help each other and the families of the victims. Together we have risen not only to mourn, but to support each other and to continue walking forward with our heads held high and with our hearts renewed with love for our city and its people.

“This is El Paso” is a community taking back its identity. It is El Paso telling the world who we are and what we stand for. With the help of a collective of El Paso musicians, artists, comedians, etc., we have put together an event to celebrate the wonderful qualities that make El Paso what it is. It is LOVE, PEACE, RESILIENCE, STRENGTH, FAMILY, HOME.

Please join us at three different venues this Sunday, August 18th. There will be concessions, live painting, comedians, music, and love.


“This Is El Paso” is a project put together by a collective of El Paso music organizations and arts organizations to help celebrate the beauty of our community with the arts, and raise funds for the victims and families of the El Paso Walmart shooting on August 3rd.

Collective Members include:

El Paso International Music Foundation
El Paso Symphony Orchestra
El Paso Symphony Youth Orchestra
El Paso Community Foundation
El Paso Musicians United
El Paso Live
Alive Audio
South Coast Sound
La Mano Récords

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