HelpAction Launches for those need

John Hernandez, Executive Director
HelpAction.Org & Nonprofit Exchange

HelpAction.Org answers the question : “Who helps those self-quarantining with covid19?” is a  volunteer crisis hotline for a community’s most at-risk community members facing COVID-19. 

El Paso, TX: Nonprofit Exchange today announced the official opening of HelpAction.Org platform, a crisis assistance text hotline pairing those who are unable to retrieve essential items with contactless volunteer deliveries. The platform is designed so that no requests will go unanswered, while relieving the stress of volunteer management from nonprofits across the country.

Every second counts for a person in crisis. HelpAction.Org connects people with the help they need right when they need it through the power of text messages – because no one should fear falling through the cracks.

Our platform was designed to provide emergency delivery services for essential items to those most in need through. From populations deemed at-risk: the immuno-compromised, healthcare workers, single parents, those who have lost income or are recently unemployed, and especially those who are self quarantining due to infection. We wish to help ease the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding this global pandemic for those who have no readily available options.

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“I know that is going to benefit a lot of people in the community because I was in a position in early March where i was asked to self quarantine my family and, as a single mother, to just get your most basic essential goods was nearly impossible without the help of friends and family members and your extended community.

And unfortunately there are people who don’t have a large network that can help them with those things. So as a community, isn’t it our responsibility to then become that network of people and help each other out?” – Shaenna Summers, Volunteer

Volunteers choose how often and how many requests to receive each day. They then can decide which individual requests to can take on. If a volunteer has to skip a request, it is sent immediately to the next volunteer on the list. This individual approach, as opposed to a text blast to many volunteers, ensures that each assistance request is given the personal attention it deserves. 

If a volunteer replies YES to accepting a request, they are sent the full request details and phone number of the person making the request. With this method no sensitive information is shared, allowing the Volunteer and Requester to coordinate on what information to share to complete the delivery.

“Bear in mind that whilst Facebook or WhatsApp are good organizing platforms, they might not be the easiest way for vulnerable people in your area to find and contact your group. Those most at risk might not have access to smartphones or feel comfortable having social media accounts.”      – Twilio

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During the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of volunteers through agencies across America are stepping up to deliver supplies to our most vulnerable. A majority of these organizations rely on manual communication methods to reach their volunteer base, which can be ineffective. 

HelpAction is seeking partnerships with nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups who wish to organize their volunteers to better serve those in crisis during these difficult times. opened public requests on May 22, 2020 and have been recruiting volunteers in El Paso, TX over the past month. Simply visit to learn more!

HelpAction is a volunteer based organization launched by the Nonprofit Exchange, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, based in El Paso, Texas providing digital fundraising and technology tools to over 100 nonprofits across the nation.



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