Marketing & Branding

Marketing your nonprofit means telling your story and mission to the public. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, there are many new ways to engage with your current donors and ways to find new people interested in contributing to your mission. We provide technology marketing services to assist with telling and sharing your story, including developing scripts and producing short videos for client testimonials, available services, and highlighting the organization’s overall impact within the community. Video content helps provide visuals for the audience to emotionally connect, as well as an opportunity to thank feature donors or sponsors. Video content can be an engagement trigger that encourages an audience to interact, that interaction leads to connections, and those connections evolve into commitment and loyalty. This can drive your audience to donate, volunteer, or sponsor your cause. 


Today, attention spans are at an all-time low. With tons of videos, links, and ads popping up on different pages, it is a real challenge to get people hooked onto your particular video, especially if they don’t know about your nonprofit. Research estimates that our attention span is about 8 seconds, and is even lower on the internet. So it is necessary to keep your video short and to the point in today’s era of quick vines and Instagram videos. If your opening isn’t captivating or interesting enough, rest assured very few people will actually watch your video.

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